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[Difference between Tianxiong and Fuzi]_Features_Features

[Difference between Tianxiong and Fuzi]_Features_Features

[Difference between Tianxiong and Fuzi]_Features_Features

Tianxiong and Aconite are relatively common in our lives. The important appearance of the two flavors of traditional Chinese medicine is very similar, so for some researchers who are not medical, they may be indistinguishable, and their role isDifferent, while they are treating diseases, their substitutions are also relatively large. It can be said that they are also a kind of poison. So what is the difference between Tianxiong and Aconite?

Tianxiong and Aconite are both traditional Chinese medicines. They are aconite processed. Aconite without root is Tianxiong. Processing the root of the aconite, it is aconite, although they are all processed and shaped by aconite.However, their functions are different and their effects are also different.

Tianxiong, another name is Baifu, but the aconite is not the same. Aconite can continue to be processed into salt aconite or black shun film, one is cut vertically, and the other is cut horizontally. It is only a matter of looking at the section.
Steps / Methods: 1 Aconite is a small tuber of aconite. It contains toxicity, but its toxicity is less than that of aconite. Its main effect is to nourish the kidneys, to replenish the yang of the body, and to emit the cold of the body.In fact, it has analgesic effect, and the whole body can be taken in moderation and can also be used as a tonic.

2 Tianxiong, the aconite without aconite is called Tianxiong. He is also toxic, and it is more toxic than aconite and aconite. It can drive cold, and it is especially effective for patients with cold.People can mix with other traditional Chinese medicines to make tonics, but when taken together, the effect is obvious.

3 Actually, aconite has some mechanisms of action, its function is more extensive, it has both internal and external treatment, and it has significant effects. It is also less toxic than Aconitum and Tianxiong. Therefore, when used as medicine, aconite is used more often, but the specific situation isSpecific treatment, the right approach is the most secure way.

Please note that these are toxic, so be careful when brewing, and follow the doctor’s dosage. If you put too much, it is easy to be poisoned. Poisoning generally manifests as vomiting, difficulty breathing, and pale complexion, which may also causeDeath, so be careful.