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Safe room for dementia patients

Safe room for dementia patients

Safe room for dementia patients

Recently, the New York Home Care Service Center conducted a large survey on “What can children do after their parents suffer from Alzheimer’s?”

A total of 80,000 questionnaires collected a lot of good ideas, one of which is to help the elderly with dementia to arrange a safe room.

  A woman named Casternova said, “For those with clear minds, there are many places where you should pay attention to safety. You should arrange rooms according to the standards of his completely independent life and consider the individual in life”.
  The following are some of the accepted recommendations from the Service Center: 1.

Arrange a “walking zone” at home so that parents have a safe area and can walk around with confidence.


A fluorescent tape is attached to the “road” that creates the toilet.


Replace all electrical outlets in your home with safety outlets.


Lock the home’s detergents, chemicals, drugs, alcohol, etc. in the cabinet and lock them to prevent the elderly from eating.


Cover the smooth, shiny face with a rug or tablecloth and squint when you are reflective.


Home mirrors can cause irritation to people with unstable mental states, and try to cover or remove them with cloth.


Give the old man a business card with him and write a valid contact.


When looking for a babysitter, be sure to choose someone who knows about Alzheimer’s disease and has some training. It is best to have a nurse to supervise and guide the work of the babysitter.


The most important thing is to let the elderly carry out uninterrupted ability rehabilitation exercises with the help of a nurse or a physiotherapist.