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What should I do to prevent cervical hypertrophy?

What should I do to prevent cervical hypertrophy?

What should I do to prevent cervical hypertrophy?

Cervical hypertrophy is a very common female disease, and there are many reasons for the disease. Gynecological diseases seriously affect the normal life and work and study of female friends, so how to prevent gynecological diseases has caused all women’s special concerns, below meTake everyone to find out how to prevent cervical hypertrophy?

Prevention of cervical hypertrophy should do this, 1.
On a daily basis, female friends need to pay attention to changing underwear during their daily life. At the same time, underwear is best to choose cotton, which has many advantages for women’s body.

If female friends have malnutrition, weak resistance and patients with chronic diseases, they need to pay attention to whether the disease is infected or not, and actively resist the disease, but also improve the body’s resistance.

2. Female friends in personal hygiene should pay attention to their personal hygiene. Take a shower in the shower. At the same time, use the basin and towel to make a reasonable division. It is best to use hot water to disinfect the bacteria to avoid bacterial infection.
3, postpartum life women need to pay attention after production, can do appropriate exercise, and can use the prone and knee chest to sit still, this can effectively avoid the situation of the uterus fall, can also help women reduce pelvic congestion.
4, women in sexual life if there is vaginitis, then women avoid sexual life, it is easy to cause infection.

Which women are wary of law enforcement hypertrophy?

1, women with chronic cervicitis due to cervical resection caused by complications, this chronic cervicitis caused by cervical edema, congestion, cervical gland and interstitial hyperplasia, the skin will appear on the skin of different degrees of cervical hypertrophy, more annoyingThe problem is that once the treatment is not good, the cholesterol and fat will continue to proliferate.

2, women with cervical cysts form cysts of different sizes. If mucus retention occurs in the deep part of the cervical glands, it will also cause cervical hypertrophy in women.

3, women with hypertrophy of the myometrium due to ovarian dysfunction, long-term stimulation of estrogen, causing hypertrophy of the myometrium, often with symptoms of functional uterine bleeding, such women will have varying degrees of cervical hypertrophy.