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[Almond cold dish recipes]_How to do_How to do

[Almond cold dish recipes]_How to do_How to do

[Almond cold dish recipes]_How to do_How to do

Almond is a kind of nut fruit that we often eat. It has higher nutritional value and more ways to eat almonds. It can be eaten directly or can be put into delicious dishes.Eating something has a good health effect, and it also has a good appetizing effect. Almond cold dishes are also used in many ways. You can prepare other vegetables, such as cucumbers and spinach.

Almond cold dish method Daquan Ingredients Ingredients: 300 grams of almonds, 1 cucumber accessory: extremely fresh soy sauce amount 1.

Remove the almonds.


Simmer the almonds in water and boil them in a pan.


Peel the skin while it’s hot, tear it a little, and pinch it.


Add water to soak, change water twice a day, soak for about a week, detoxify.


Peeled and diced cucumber.


Wash and control the almonds.


Add diced cucumber, add extremely fresh soy sauce and mix well.

Almond efficacy and effect 1, antitussive and asthma effects Amygdalin contains amygdalin, amygdalin can be decomposed by microbial enzymes in the body or amygdalin contained in amygdalus itself to produce a trace amount of hydrocyanic acid.
With benzaldehyde, it has an inhibitory effect on the respiratory center, achieving antitussive and antiasthmatic effects.

Amygdalin contains amygdalin, which can be degraded in the body by microbial enzymes or amygdalin contained in amygdalus itself, producing traces of aluminum hydroxide and benzaldehyde, which have an inhibitory effect on the respiratory center2.The role of the digestive system People with digestive system diseases can eat more almonds, because almonds contain a lot of nutrients, and these nutrients can improve the lubricating effect of intestinal contents on the mucous membranes, so almonds have the function of laxative and laxative.

3. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The benzaldehyde static benzoin condensate produced by the decomposition of amygdalin acts to generate benzoin.

Benzoin has analgesic effect, so some people in China use bitter almonds to treat patients with advanced liver cancer to relieve the pain of patients, and some do not even need to take painkillers.

4, anti-tumor effect Almonds contain a lot of nutrients, and these nutrients make white blood cells in the body more accessible to high-molecules, and swallow microparticles, that effectively fights tumors in the body.

5. Hypoglycemic effect Amygdalin has the effect of preventing diabetes caused by antineoplastic drug urea.

It was proved by the hyperglycemic method of mice with diuretic insulin that the blood glucose was measured after intraperitoneal injection of 3g / kg amygdalin for 48 hours. The results showed that amygdalin could instead inhibit the increase of blood glucose caused by diuretic.The glucoside concentration is related.

6. Clinical reports on hypolipidemic effects. Large almonds can significantly reduce blood lipid levels in patients with hyperlipidemia. Spiller (1990) believes that monounsaturated fatty acids in almonds reduce patients’ mildly elevated blood lipids without strict diet restrictions.