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The most scientific method of fattening

The most scientific method of fattening

The most scientific method of fattening

The problem with the most scientific method of fattening is complicated, and fattening is not very simple.

If a man is in his twenties, if he is still as thin as a child, he is really awkward. After all, a smart woman still likes a strong man. When he looks at foreign countries, he can be polished, and the thin man will be slowly eliminated.

Women also need to gain weight in order to have a baby, so the fattening is gradually getting attention.

The easiest way to consider drug fattening is because it does not disrupt your life and it works quickly.

If you do not choose to increase your weight, continue to look at the most scientific methods of fattening below.

  The first, the most scientific method of fattening is healthy.

  I suggest you do a full body check.

Don’t misunderstand, not necessarily the person who eats not fat, the body is sick.

In fact, each of us has to do a physical examination at least once a year to prevent disease and prevent it from happening.

If you find something you need to pay attention to, you should follow the doctor’s prescription instructions.

Because I can’t see you, I don’t know if you belong to a thin type, you can only tell you one by one.

First, the pathological type is thin, this is divided into two types: one is to go to the worm, go to the hospital to take two pills on the line.

Principle: Because pathological type may have parasites in your body, how much you eat is useless, nutrition is sucked away by parasites, and it is not intended to scare you, just what to say.

  The other is that the gastrointestinal mucosa is too thin to absorb.

If this is the case, because the absorption is not good, the food is pulled out, and blind eating is just a waste of food.

Conditioning is not a day or two.

Need Chinese medicine to slowly adjust.

If the test is pathological, it is difficult to gain 10 pounds a month.

  Second, the most scientific method of fattening is normal.

  Breakfast, Chinese food, dinner must be on time, you can guarantee that the wind and rain are unimpeded, fat is easy.

Don’t be too particular about what you eat, what to eat if you eat, don’t picky eaters.

Because I hope that whether it is to lose weight, fattening, the first must ensure good health.

So I don’t expect to drink beer at night.

This is filled with water, but there is a beer belly, and there is basically no meat on the body.

It’s useless!

However, you can eat and stay up late, because eating late at night is very easy to fat.

Fried food is too hot, eating too much is not good for the body, it is easy to constipation, it is easy to cause more and more thin.

The face is yellowish.

  The healthy recipe for you is to drink more bean paddles and eat bread for breakfast. It is not something that is baked. It is white bread.

Because it is eaten at the company at noon, you can drink more water in the company. If you smoke, you will quit!

In the evening, I eat at home, this is easy to do, let your wife burn your soup: for example, pork bone soup, pork foot soup, pork belly soup, lean meat soup, you can also have a hot spot of sugar to put the refrigerator, thinkDrink a little while drinking.

Drink a cup of milk before going to bed, raise your face, gain weight and hypnotize.

  Third, the most scientific method of fattening a lot of sleep If there is no important thing, try to sleep before 10:30.

I feel that your work pressure is relatively large. You can stretch your stress when you go to bed early.

You can also put some light music before going to bed, which can ease your work stress. As a man, work stress is a big threat to your health.

A good night’s sleep will make you full of energy every day, and the pressure will be relieved.

  Fourth, the most scientific method of fattening is very important to maintain a happy mood.

If you have time, look at the jokes, chat with your wife on a relaxed topic, and maybe recall some of the scenes you just met, so that you will be more sweet.Don’t stay at the computer after dinner, you can take your wife’s hand and go for a walk in the park.

Occasionally you can have a romantic look and see what the movie is.

In essence, a new way of life.

You will happen and you will gain weight without knowing it.